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Argan Day: A Celebration of Moroccan Culture and Sustainability

Argan oil is a valuable resource in Moroccan culture. It is used for cooking,

beauty, and medicine. The oil is extracted from the Argan tree, which is mainly

found in southwestern Morocco. This tree plays an important role in the lives of

the Berber women who harvest its fruit to make oil.

Argan tree that is the symbol of Morocco

In honour of its significance, Argan Day is celebrated every year on May 10th.

Argan Day is an opportunity to learn about the significance of Argan oil and the

need to conserve the Argan forest. It is a joint effort between the Moroccan

government and various non-governmental organizations.

The event brings together local communities, government representatives, and

international visitors to learn about Argan oil production and its various uses.

Visitors can also meet local women who are skilled in the traditional technique of

extracting oil from the Argan fruit. It also provides a platform for promoting

sustainable tourism, which can help create economic opportunities for local

communities while preserving their natural resources.

By attending Argan Day and purchasing products made from sustainably

harvested Argan oil, individuals can contribute to protecting this valuable

resource and the ecosystem it supports.

Several non-profit organizations are dedicated to preserving and protecting the

Argan trees and the ecosystem they support. If you want to learn more about

their initiatives, you can visit Argan Care website that focuses on protecting and

sustaining the endangered Argan Forest, women empowerment and education.

Watch this video below to learn more about how argan oil is made.



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