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Embark on a Visual Journey Through Morocco with Us!


Welcome, dear readers, to a special series that will take you on an unforgettable visual journey through the breathtaking landscapes, rich cultures, and vibrant cities of Morocco. The purpose of these articles is to give you a visual feast, capturing the essence of each location we visit through a collage of images and succinct storytelling.

Whether you're an avid traveler, a culture enthusiast, or simply looking for a momentary escape, this series is designed for you. We'll be traversing through bustling medinas, serene deserts, and mountainous terrains—each day captured in a brief but vivid blog post, with a focus on photographs that speak a thousand words.

So, sit back, scroll down, and let the pictures guide you through our Moroccan adventures, one day at a time. Your virtual journey starts now!

Day 1 - Marrakech city

Morning: A Wholesome Start and a visual journey through Morocco

Traditional Breakfast that we can find at the hotel
Petit-déjeuner marocain - © Franckreporter/iStock

Our Moroccan journey began in the heart of Marrakech. After arriving at our dreamy hotel Riad Residenza, we kicked off our day with a delectable breakfast—Moroccan mint tea and pastries, anyone?

Private Medina Tour: Stepping Back in Time

Post-breakfast, we ventured into the labyrinthine Medina. Our private tour took us through ancient streets and past vividly colored stalls. The aromas of spices and the chorus of local merchants created an atmosphere unlike any other.

Lunch: A Culinary Delight

Hungry from our explorations, we sat down for a local feast. The menu was a tapestry of Moroccan flavors, highlighted by dishes like tagine and couscous. Then, we were ready for the rest of the visit!

Group of tourists having a traditional Moroccan lunch

At the end of the afternoon, we returned to our hotel for a moment of calm with some traditional Moroccan mint tea. It was the perfect pause, leaving us energized for the rest of our explorations in magical Marrakeck.

Evening: Jema El Fna & Rooftop Dinner

To end the day, we climbed up to a rooftop café where dinner was served alongside panoramic views of the city at dusk.

The candle dinner ended this amazing first day!

Candle dinner on a Marrakech rooftop restaurant



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