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Rebuilding Lives: Support Earthquake-Affected Villages in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains

Introduction to the earthquake in Morocco

In the wake of a devastating earthquake in Morocco, three sisters, Nathalie, Véronique, and Alexandra, have launched a heartfelt GoFundMe campaign to support the communities affected in the remote High Atlas Mountains. With hundreds of homes destroyed and families displaced in Armed and Imoughlad villages, the need for help is urgent.


100% of the funds raised through this campaign will be channeled to rebuild homes, schools, and provide long-term community support in collaboration with local partners. Every contribution, no matter how small, ensures that the people of these villages have the resources they need to recover and rebuild.

Our Connection to Morocco

Our story stems from a deep love for Morocco and its warm-hearted people. Having travelled to the country several times, we have forged meaningful connections, especially in the Imlil Valley. Our bonds were further strengthened during a trek to Mount Toubkal in September 2023 under the guidance of Hamid, a respected community member and skilled mountaineer.

The Earthquake's Impact

A mere week after our enriching trek, tragedy struck – Armed village was destroyed, leaving pain and shock in its wake. The devastation was immediate, and the need for support became evident.

Why Your Support Matters

Now more than ever, it’s our turn to give back and show support. Despite his own challenges, Hamid exemplifies his community's resilience and strength. He understands the specific needs of the villagers – from food and shelter to warm clothing, especially with winter approaching.

How to Stay Informed

We are committed to transparency and will provide regular updates on the GoFundMe page and through social media. Hamid and local partners will also share their progress, ensuring that every donor knows the impact of their contribution.

Your Generosity Can Make a Difference

We urge you to donate to our GoFundMe campaign and help the people of Armed and Imoughlad villages in Morocco rebuild their lives. Every donation, big or small, makes a significant difference. Thank you for your generosity.

Donate Now and join us in rebuilding lives and communities in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains.



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